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  • Great snack for the whole family to enjoy
  • Made with healthy pure Korean ingredients
  • Non-fried and baked to perfection
  • Zero Trans-Fat
  • No preservatives
  • Made In Korea

• Korean Organic Grains with Corn
• Finger Stick snack: Small and bite-size piecers allow children to grasp it firmly
• Softer snack with much softer cream by natural fruits and cheese
• Highly rich in Anthocyanin and essential nutrition Calcium
• Trans Fat 0g, Not fried, Simply Baked Snack
• NO additives, coloring, Inflating Agent, Flavoring
• Individual packaging makes it suitable to be brought outside as a snack, or packed in lunchboxes.
• Capacity: 40g (5g x 8ea)
• Made in Korea